sunday reflections

August 2, 2010 at 12:00 pm (Faith, Leadership)

• This past weekend we sent close to a hundred children accompanied by another 30 plus adults to our first co-ed Boys & Girls Retreat. The mantra for the weekend retreat was, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” I’m grateful for all the men and women volunteers who took precious time away from their families, schedules and their prized weekend to mentor and spend valuable time with our kids.

• The boys and girls from the retreat rose early and loaded buses bound for DWC to sing in our 10:45 service and it was one of the memorable sights and sounds that we have ever heard or seen. The platform was jammed packed with kids giving God the praise.

• Started our highly anticipated sermon series in all of our weekend services called, God @ the Movies. As Hannibal from the A-Team likes to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” The creativity, out-the-box thinking and excellence were off the charts. There are too many people to thank by name. So allow me just to say thank-you to our production team for pulling off our first installment of this series. You all did a phenomenal job. (one down three to go)

• Elder Perry leaned over during service and said, “The atmosphere is charged,” and I agreed . There was a sense of excitement and passion in the air. It’s funny how when we expect great things to happen, they do… hmm!!!

• Our ministry teams who serve on Sunday were all on point: Ushers, greeters and deacons handled overflow crowds with poise; Security had everything covered even though the room was unusually dark because of the movie mood we were trying to create; Sound was the best I’ve ever heard at DWC; Praise team and Dancers sat the atmosphere; the Band was OFF the Chain!!! (Do people still say that?); Video pulled a miracle out of their bag and made it all look easy; Hospitality made our first-timers feel right at home. Armor bearers and Ministerial care helped me keep my cool while all of this was coming together; Shout out to the intercessors that covered the day in prayer.

• I love how we as a congregation are open to change. One of the things I said at our leaders meeting at the top of the year was to, “embrace change.” Sunday was very different from the norm: The order of service was altered; Showed movie clips on the screens; Lighting was subdued; Popcorn was popped and passed out (shout out to the popcorn poppers-lol!)

• We witnessed 25 people cross the line of faith (salvation, joining DWC, and rededication). At the end of the day, outside of giving God praise, that’s why we do all that we do. We want to see people choose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
I said all that to say, “Great day DWC Team.” I can’t wait to see what God does next…
Pastor P


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sunday’s reflections

February 27, 2010 at 4:39 pm (Faith, Leadership)

Wow! It’s been forever since I made a post on this blog. I feel like Rip Van Winkle since I took a break and now a whole year and some change has passed. Anyhoo… Just thought I would share some of my reflections from today since they are racing around in my brain. Today if I had to find one word to describe DWC I would say, “OUTSTANDING.” Here goes:
  • All of our weekend services (Saturday & Sunday) were great services. Everybody please remember Saturday is our newest service and we need everyone to make it  a success. Our Saturday service is missing some of the elements that we have on Sundays. I know it’s additional work but I would like additional ministries (any ministry that serves on Sunday) at least periodically to share on Saturdays as well. People who worship on Saturdays should encounter “the Destiny experience” just like on Sunday.
  • Our Student Ministry (ROCK, SWAT & Next Level) did an outstanding job on today in both of our services. Shout out to Minister Kim, Tonya R, student musicians & volunteers for your hard word, diligence and commitment to excellence with our children. It paid off today… We were godly proud of the great job they did today. Loved the song selection for the choirs; the R. Kelley two-step and the dance team. Oh, and the pictures on the screen while the kids sang about love was phenomenal. One of our core values from the leaders meeting at the beginning of the year was, “Change is Good.” Note to leaders: Don’t be afraid to creatively think out the box…
  • Shout out to Minister Glenn Grayer, Minister Debra Stewart & Minister Jason Dawson for ministering to our children week after week. Know that your labor is not in vain and is very appreciated. “Service to God never goes unnoticed or unrewarded.”
  • This weekend  we had people to make altar decisions (salvation, joining DWC or rededication) in all of our services. I absolutely love people making eternal decisions about Jesus Christ. Outside of praising God, the number one reason why we do ministry and show up weekend after weekend is to see the vision of loving God… connecting People… and changing Lives…. become a reality.
  • As a side note, I’m really excited at the number of visitors who say someone from DWC  invited them to our services. No amount of marketing will ever replace word of mouth. People tell people when they find something they like. Really excited about positive buzz in the community about DWC. Here’s one more secret, I really think we can max out all of our seats in our 8 AM service. Most pastors generally think service at 8 AM is going to be smaller than the later service but I can see every service full… What do you see??? 
  • Shout out to our parking, greeters, deacons, security and ushers for assisting and maintaining order on today. Remember I always want overflow seating to be a last resort. You guys handled the crowd with seemingly great poise and patience. At the end of the day, running out of chairs is ALWAYS a good problem to have. Lol! I pray we have that problem every week and in every service at both locations… ROTFL!!!!
  • I almost hate (hate might be a little strong) to see our current teaching series, “Love Matters” come to a close. I have thoroughly enjoyed ministering and teaching on often avoid topics in church. Continue to pray for all the families who have more questions than this series has been able to answer. Pick up the entire series from our bookstore and sow it into somebody’s life this week.
  • Thanks to Elder Madelyn, Minister of Protocol for today, and Elder Perry for helping me with baptism. You guys will never know how much your presence and participation helps to make ministry easier. I thank God for all our minister and elders.
  • I know the sound people rarely get props for the job that they perform. But today the sound was near perfect especially in our 10:45 service. Btw, I’m really feeling my new microphone. Thanks Harry and team!!! Hey Harry when I get that in-ear monitor  we gonna really be doing the thang… lol!
  • Last but not least, shout out to armor bearers and ministerial care. Honestly, I don’t recall how pastors managed before we started using you guys. Last week, Corwin served on Saturday night and Sunday @ 8. Saturday night he noticed during offering that I didn’t have any checks left in my checkbook. The next morning without being asked, he sent a text at 7 AM reminding me to bring some additional checks. Today, after 8 AM Lady Kim, Derek, an armor bearer, and I went to breakfast and Waffle House had a sign on the door saying, “cash only” because their machine was down. Needless to say Derek was the only one with cash and paid. We got you next time Derek. Lol!!!


  • Here’s one area where I would appreciate your prayers. I really want to get 10:45 service down to 90 minutes. This is totally my issue and I know exactly why I’m missing the mark. But, I would really appreciate your prayers. Someone once said, “Brevity is always in order.”  That’s right I said it… “Lord help me…”
All I’m trying to say is thanks to everybody for a job well done. Lady Kim and I are blessed to serve at one of God’s best churches this side of heaven. Signing off now to go hang with the wifey. Funny how most people say, “Thank God its Friday.” We normally say, Thank God its Sunday Evening.” See ya Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Matters,
Pastor P

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21 great things about the june 21st (father’s day)

June 21, 2009 at 12:26 am (Faith, Leadership)

  • fathers day imagetoday was an absolutely beautiful day to celebrate fathers. could not have asked for a better weather day.
  • our entire service was led by women today at our west location as we allowed the men to chill in honor of father’s day.
  • the women represented every ministry today:  parking lot, ushers, greeters, security, praise team, choir, musicians, armorbearers, deacon’s wives, ministers
  • we formed a father’s day choir of all ladies who felt they had a one day anointing only. had a choir of close to 100 people. are ya’ll sure you only want to sing one day??? lol!!!
  • i’m hearing bridgette did a phenomenal job with the ladies during rehearsals. shout out to you bridgette. in the words of  ray charles, “make it do what it do…”
  • it seemed like our services were jammed packed with men today. so thankful that God has given us a unique ministry to connect with men.
  • enjoyed speaking at our intown location today, “things every dad ought to be doing.”
  • one of our intown members spontaneously gave $100 dollars to me to give to a dad of my choosing. Gave it to the dad with the most kids who happened to be one of  our musicians.
  • enjoyed sitting on the front row of service  without any responsibility and worshipping with our son today… sweeeet!!! the family  that prays together stays together… does that include the pastor’s family???
  • enjoyed fellowshipping and listening to two guest speakers today- elder harling from the dream center church and elder boulware.
  • people made altar decisions (salvation, joining dwc & rededication) in all of our services today.  that  never gets old.
  • min edith made a collage of fathers and their childrenthat we showed on our video screens. loved seeing all the pictures. thanks dads and moms for helping to make today special. great job min. edith.
  • our kids in the r-o-c-k ( really outstanding christian kids) made an assortment of happy father’s day wishes to me and presented it to me today. thanks to all of our kids and dana mithchell our r-o-c-k leader. 
  • we gave away at our west location a pair of tickets and jerseys to an upcoming falcons game. there is no greater feeling than just being nice to be nice. it’s true it’s more blessed to give than to receive. 
  • my wife, affectionately acknowledged as lady kim, brought greetings to the dads and gave away our falcons stuff. great job baby!!!
  • shout out  to all the parents and children who gave me cards, gifts, etc and said i had been like a father to them. Aww!!! special… Sing it with me, “if i can help somebody as i pass along… if i can cheer somebody…”
  • did i mention we had an all female band today?
  • it is always very encouraging to see men worshipping with their families.
  • we had an incredible number of visitors. i’m glad that the people of dwc love their church enough to invite their friends and family to worship with them.  the number of visitors are an indicator of how members  feel about their church… 
  • we had sound problems with our video presentation at our 8am service. But the video team hung in there and worked out the problems for our 10:45 service. blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape. great job guys…
  • lady kim took destin and i to outback after service and treated us to a very nice dinner. perfect conclusion to a wonderful father day celebration. Nothing like a great meal after great worship…

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praise in the park

May 21, 2009 at 1:30 pm (Conferences, Faith, Leadership)

dream teamthis past saturday our intown location hosted praise in the park at georgia state university. it was an extremely busyday because of several factors: we had super saturday (where new members can take all of their classes in one day) with over 85 people signed up at 9:30 am; our school, destiny christian academy, had a golf outing planned for 1pm at alfred tupp homes golf course; and of course praise in the park at 6pm. whew…makes me tired just typing it. lol!!!

of all days we woke up to clouds and a 70% chance of rain. long story short, i stopped by super saturdayto hang with the new members for a moment. shout out to all of our new dwc family and the new members ministry for your support of our vision: loving God… connecting People… and changing Lives.

not long after i left super saturday, it seems like the clouds turned on a faucet and it rained downed cats and dogs (whatever that means). so our golf outing was postponed. it’s a good thing for my opponents because i was really feeing like i had my “A” game. lol!!! but there was still a decision to be made about praise in the park…

about three hours before kick-off for praise in the park it stopped raining. we pondered whether we should still go with it; whether we would still have a good turn-out or should we postpone it as well. about two hours before start time we decided to go with it. normally i don’t like to call names because it’s so easy to forget someone but let me shout out our dream team that made praise in the park a reality:

God: we absolutely could not have done this without Him who is the author and finisher of our faith; the supplier of our strength; and our firm foundation. thank you God for trusting us with this responsibility.

pastor Tyson: who was our lead pastor at intown till he relocated to arizona. even being out of town he still took the time to send us an encouraging email when obstacles started mounting. it was his vision of having worship in the park. i love the fact that he is unafraid  to think outside of the box. i think he is my brother from another mother… lol!!! we already miss the heck out of him…

cherie: where do i start? consistent, caring, committed… are a few words that come immediately to mind. she has a keen eye for details. she amazes me that she juggles being a mom to a very intelligent young lady; holds down a full time job in corporate america; will hit the road in a mini van headed to check on loved ones in louisiana and still find time to use her admin gift for her church to operate in excellence. most of what we do she’s the mover and shaker behind it. ok…that’s enuf. i can’t say more about you than the others. lol!!!

pam: excuse me dr. pam… first of all she is working on a doctorate degree. need i say more.  i can only imagine what kind of commitment and focus that must take. yet she can always be counted on to present and accounted for. she does not mind asking the difficult questions. every team needs someone like that. when it came down to the 9th hour and a lot of people had to be out for various reasons including kim and i. dr. pam stepped her  game up… put on several hats and didn’t miss a beat. thanks for making it do what it do…

minister collins: doesn’t allow excuses (good excuses i might add) to rob him of his commitment to God and dwc intown. whether preaching, planning or playing valet in the parking lot bruce gives his all. he has a true servant’s heart and we are blessed to have him on our team. he has been a part of the twelve team since day one and still running with the same energy and enthusiasm. i hope i have been as much a blessing to him as he has to me. on a lighter note, if i could just get that golf championship belt from him. lol!!!

keenan and jessica: they came along after most of the guys on our team. but you can’t tell by their level of commitment.  both of them live in the intown area so i truly value the counsel and intown-insight they bring. because they are relatively new they bring two pairs of fresh eyes to our team. on top of all that they have a company, 75 SouthManagement Group, that shares their expertise and resources with us so far without looking for a check. both of them took the vision and ran with it like it was birthed in their womb. ya’ll are some cool peeps…

bernard: must have read this quote some where:  if you are too big for little things, you will always be too little for big things. no matter what the task bernard is willing to jump in with both feet and have a great attitude about it. he has been like that since i first met him. with a title or without bernard doesn’t mind getting busy for the body of Christ.

deacon todd: todd and his family have been unbelievable supporters at dwc/mt. sinai since i became pastor. anybody can jog a short distance but not many people have the fortitude to run marathons. he definitely has the heart and legs of a marathon runner.  todd has a calming demeanor that keeps everyone focused and on task. just a side note i think todd was a military general in a former life because of his loyalty and faithfulness. God please send more men like todd….

sabrina: is our resident prayer warrior. all the planning in the world means nothing if it is not first bathed in prayer. in addition to being a prayer warrior i’m starting to see she can be very light hearted and full of fun. it seems every time we meet she has a way of bringing wise counsel and great laughs. i like it because she sings “ole schools” song with me regardless of what key i’m in during our meetings when we get tired of thinking. lol!!!

lanell: lieutenant colonel white… lanell is our logistics specialist. the army has trained him well to think about planning and execution. he has a unique ability to offer his insight and opinion and still be totally sold out for the leaders vision. he also has ministry gifts that we have yet to tap into and utilize. did i mention that he is my frat brother. roo!!! 

henry: without henry, there would have been no sound. the bible says, “how can they hear without a preacher?” i might add how can they hear without a sound man? lol!!! it is refreshing to see a young brother who could be doing so many other things committed to Christ and His church. he has some high ambitions and goals. i pray that God will bless you because of your faithfulness to His church.

the names above are members of our twelve team but there were definitely some honorable mentions: minister simmons who took the lead on doing outreach in the park; ron, fulton conuty sheriff’s officer & dwc intown member, took the lead on security and haiston, another brother from another mother, who would jump in deep water to save a friend from drowning even though he can’t swim.

kim and i are absolutely excited to have each of you on our dwc intown team. we thank God that he allowed our paths to cross and that you saw something in us that  prompted you to come alongside and do ministry with us. i pray that God’s best will always be yours…

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top 10 reasons this is a God move…

May 5, 2009 at 1:26 am (Conferences, Faith, Leadership)

service_shotthis past sunday destiny intown made its much anticipated “spring into destiny” move to the loudermilk center in downtown atlanta. i must admit that i was a little anxious about the move but i believe this is a God move for the following top 10 reasons:

  1. i believe God opened the door of opportunity for us. Abraham, the old testament patriarch,  teaches us that when  God gives a green light it is foolish even sinful to sit still.
  2. the loudermilk center is a great building. it includes 15,000 square feet of space for creative ministries.
  3. we want to create a space where kids absolutely love come and hate leaving. this building gives us additional space to create space that is designed with the kid in mind.
  4. the loudermilk is  located directly across the street from georgia state university. ga state is the  second largest university in the state and God has placed us right in the mix.
  5. we can still use our phrase: innovative, inviting and intown. still praying how to be innovative and inviting? the problem with being boring, dull and traditional is that the person or organization that is those things is often the last to realize that they are those things. hmmm!!!
  6. we can continue our passion to do ministry in the marketplace. during Jesus ministry here on earth most of it was done not in a church but in the marketplace. corporate america literally sits in our back and front doors.
  7. we get to work alongside some wonderful leaders (the twelve) and cool people  attending our intown location. you all make the journey much more enjoyable. love connecting with people which is a part of our vision.
  8. the loudermilk center was a better fit financially. one of the mistakes some planted churches make including us is tying up all the money to pay rent or a mortgage. thus limiting their ability to offer real ministry to people with real needs. ouch!!!
  9. the loudermilk center has leading-edge technologywhich includes audio/visual tools and  wi-fi capabilities. the church is ministering to a tech savvy society and we must utilize every option available. 
  10. i love going places where the ambience is good. this may sound biased but the ambience of the  loudermilk is off da chain. it really has a great feel.

we are soliciting everyone’s prayers that God’s will to be done at our intown location. the harvest is surely plentiful. thanking God  for this awesome opportunity that He has given us.

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reflections: april 26, 2009

April 26, 2009 at 10:59 pm (Uncategorized)

i love taking time to debrief from the day’s service:

  • slept really hard last night which is not the norm.  most pastors that i know are so pumped about the upcoming service on sunday that sleep is shoddy at best on saturday. slept so hard till Lady Kim and i  got off to a late start. we were on such a good roll for being on time.
  • fourth sunday is typically the day that our students come away from student church and join the adults in service. our children did a wonderful job ministering thru dance and on our praise team. i am so proud of each of them and their parents for making the sacrifice to worship our God…
  • elder cedric ford from houston, texas was a guest psalmist today. did a great job of leading us in giving praise. liked his versatility: a lil new school… a lil old school… and a lil preaching too. lol!!! many blessing man of God.
  • i preached from philipians 1:3-6. called it, “how to get your swagga back.” love taking everyday lingo and baptizing it for the glory of God.
  • made mention about the 11 year old young man in atlanta who committed suicide. praying for his family during this tragic loss. praying for all parents. parenting is such an incredibly difficult  and rewarding job.
  • today was our last day at the ballroom at twelve. it’s been a great three years. we are very appreciative to the twelve staff for thier kindness and support. see everybody next week at the loudermilk center on the corner of edgewood and courtland…down the street from the harlem bar…across from hurt park… next to ga state.
  • three years ago we asked twelve people from our main location to help us get started with planning, setup, logistics, prayer, etc. without your help and assistance we would not have made it thus far. all of you guys, past and present are the best. love you guys!!!
  • the altar at our 10:45 service was filled with young folks and adults. seeing people make decision for Jesus makes all the stuff leaders go through worthwhile. seems like the floodgates are open.
  • after a long day, we went to hang out with tyson and his family for his 16th birhtday. we loved seeing the smile on his face and more importantly watching him mature into a wonderful young man. happy bithday tyson!!!

about to unplug myself… lol!! i told you i couldn’t sleep last nite.

pastor p

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spring into your destiny @ the loudermilk center

April 23, 2009 at 11:07 am (Faith, Leadership)

loudermilk-ballroom2Just a reminder to schedule your Blackberrys for May 3rd at 9:30 a.m. Come hang out with us as Destiny World Church Intown springs into its new location at The Loudermilk Center located at 40 Courtland Street, SE, Atlanta, GA. That’s right, we are moving from The Ballroom at TWELVE to enlarge our vision of  loving God… connecting People… and changing Lives.

We are excited about the new opportunity that God has given us to expand our marketplace ministry. The Loudermilk Center is a beautiful, urban facility that’s just right for creating an innovative, inviting and intown experience. Some of the hot amenities include:

15,000 square feet of space
Versatile accommodations for creative ministry
Cutting-edge technology
Conveniently located next to Georgia Sate University
Easy access and plenty of parking
Minutes away from Atlantic Station

Within 75 minutes you’ll enjoy a power-packed and hope-filled worship service that will spring you into your destiny. So make plans now and bring a friend to our first service in our new location at The Loudermilk Center. 

Feel free to check out the web site of our new spot at If there are any questions, please contact us at  404.892.7278 or visit us online at See ya this Sunday at TWELVE and on May 3rd, all roads lead to The Loudermilk Center.

See ya soon,

Pastor P

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happy 3rd birthday destin

April 20, 2009 at 1:09 am (Family, Men's Stuff)

dsc_00761three years ago today destin came into this world as a bouncing baby boy. tears filled my eyes as i beheld flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. childbirth has to be one of the greatest miracles that almighty God has ever performed. it ranks right up there with parting the red sea and other great miracles of the bible.

fatherhood is without a doubt the greatest responsibility a man will ever have. any male can make a baby but only a man can take care of a  baby. i am often overwhelmed at the thought of God trusting me with the task of partnering with him to rear our male child into a godly, respectable, responsible man.

here are seven things i don’t ever want my son to forget:

  1. God is not an option in our house. i agree with  joshua who said, “as for me and my house we will serve the lord.” i promise to lay a christian foundation for you to build on and use as an example. i will use every teachable  moment as an opportunity to show the ways of Jesus Christ; we will bless our meals before we eat; pray before we fall asleep; meditate on the Word of God; acknowledge Him in all our ways… when you are older you will have a choice but as long as you are dependent on me, God is not an option in our house
  2.  i will always respect and honor your mother. i am well aware that you would not be here were it not for your mom. for that reason i honor her. i honor her because she carried you for nine months in her womb; nourished you when you couldn’t do it for yourself; cares for you when you are ill; prays for you constantly; teaches you your letters, numbers, and colors; sacrifices time, energy and even sleep. i guess you get the point. there will be times when we will not agree or see eye to eye but there will never be a time that i don’t honor her as your mother. i expect the same from you.
  3. destin i want you to know that i love you with an unconditional love. the fact is you will never  be able to imagine how much i love you. the interesting thing is you don’t have to do anything to earn this love. i want you to be a good boy; make good grades; be nice to your friends; honor your parents; realize your God given purpose but none of that has anything to do with my love for you. how can i say it more plainly? I LOVE YOU DESTIN!!!
  4. i believe you are destined for greatness. your name, “destin”, suggest that God has a ultimate plan for your life. i believe you can do anything you put your mind to. never accept mediocrity or average as the norm for your life because it is not. always attempt to do your best. you don’t have to be “the” best. but i fully intend for you to “do” your best.
  5. choices not chances determine your destiny. remember every choice whether good or bad has a consequence.  i have certainly made my share of both good and bad choices. i hope you will follow my footsteps that lead to success and avoid my missteps that led to potholes. i am convinced of this scripture, “all things work together for the good of them that love God…
  6.  i will always have your back. did i say always? time nor distance nor age nor issue will ever distract me from watching out for you. it is my job that i take very seriously. when you are right i got you and when you make mistakes as we all do, i got you. let the record show you can count on your daddy.
  7. i will discipline you because i love you. make no mistake about it, i am old school when it come to discipline. there will be times when you will not understand why i am correcting you; punishing you; and yes spanking you. but trust me you will appreciate it later on in life. it was the same for me when i was a child. i am a better man today because of the discipline i received as a child. i owe you that in the name of love.

love ya son,


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blessed are the flexible…

April 16, 2009 at 12:48 pm (Faith, Family, Leadership, Men's Stuff)

shaking-handsi have often preached in sermons, quoted in conversations and counseled people using the phrase, “blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.” another statement i’ve used has been, “the only thing that is certain in life is uncertainty.” now i am at a place where i have to digest those sayings for myself.

our intown location has for three years has used the ballroom at twelve in atlantic station for it’s sanctuary. it has been a great location for us. we were the first church to have service in atlantic station. it was birthed from atlantic station’s motto, “live, work, and play.” we have for three years added a fourth and most important dimension, “worship.”

however on May 3, we are going to be relocating to the fabulous loudermilk center on edgewood street in Atlanta. this facility was almost dropped in our lap. it offers to us some unique opportunities that we did not have in Twelve such as: additional space for children’s ministry, room to do mid-week bible study/small group sessions,  increased visibility, it allows us to direct money to ministry and not just maintenance. in short it gives us room to be a little bit more creative in what we offer.

on top of that my lead pastor, business partner, protege and most of all friend, tyson moore, has been offered a tremendous promotion with his job that requires relocation to arizona. wow!!! i must admit i hate to see him leave. he has literally taken the lead of our intown church and run with it. his leadership skills honed in the boardrooms of corporate america has been invaluable in providing leadership to our intown location.

not only is he a ministry colleauge, but a business partner. we have literally started ventures together that made us smile on the way to the bank as well as caused us to wonder what in the world have we gotten ourselves into? lol!!! in addition, he has been in the truest sense of the word a FRIEND. tyson, haiston and i have developed a great bond between us.  we have traveled together on vacation; broken bread together over dinner; played each other on the golf course; prayed for each other during difficult times; laughed with each other at the comedy club; cried with each other at the renewal of vows (those who were there remember). LOL!!! i guess you get the point- we are gonna miss this dude and his family. yet we are happy for the opportunity that God has given him. you deserve it doc.

 if i am 100% honest, i am a lil nervous about the move from atlantic station and tyson moving to arizona because i have become comfortable at Twelve and with his leadership.  but when i reflect over my life, i was nervous on my first day of high school; nervous on my first day of varsity football paractice; nervous taking the ACT (old school); nervous when my folks dropped me off at Grambling; nervous when i moved to Atlanta for seminary; nervous about becoming pastor of mt. sinai in ’93; nervous about getting married; nervous about parenting; nerovous about starting businesses, etc.

i think every now and then God shakes us up to remind us that He is our source and strength; He is the Author and Finisher of our faith; transition is never easy but it is so necessary and unavoidable in life. i’m learning to sit back and enjoy the ride of life. i’m standing on tip toe anticipation to see what God’s next move is. i hope you are also…

trusting in transition,


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resurrection reflections ’09

April 12, 2009 at 11:17 pm (Faith, Leadership)

easter is without a doubt the linchpin of christianity. resurrection sunday is in my opinion the most important day in the life of the christian church. i am thanking God today for His son being crucified, buried and being raised on the third day. happy easter everybody…

  • enjoyed seeing the smiles and sense of expectation on the face of people in all of our services today.
  • thankful that people are starting to understand that it is not about the clothes that we wear on easter. Jesus is concerned about what in your heart not on your back. Jesus died to set us free…  not to put us into bondage to Macy’s and Marshall’s.
  • i am reflecting today about how many people it take’s to have a great service. i don’t want to start calling names b/c i might leave somebody off. but thanks to ALL of our volunteers and staff in all areas of our church who consistently operate in excellence. we would not be who we are were it not for you.
  • it was interesting to hear how many people came to our services because they saw us on facebook. if i’m honest, i am johnny-come-lately on utilizing social online tools for kingdom purposes. but i starting to catch the vision.
  •  kudos to all of our members who invited their friends to come to our service. as quiet as it’s kept, no amount of fancy marketing and mass mailings will ever out perform word of mouth. 
  • here’s a thought: the number of visitors in our services is directly related to how members feel about their services. the truth is we tell people about things that we enjoy. ouch!!!
  • i know i said i wouldn’t call names but can i shout the dancers who ministered in all three services and two locations today (8, 9:30 & 10:45 AM). you all are the best.
  • enjoyed speaking on: 5 things every Christian can count on & what if Easter was a fluke? absolutely love preaching the Word of God.
  • people made decisions (salvation, joining dwc & rededication) in all of our services and at both locations today.

it was a great day today.

holla later…good nite

pastor p

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